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We are a team of scientists, engineers, and practitioners who care about society, and social safety rather than business.

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Dr. M.T. Ahvanooey
The Chief Info Security Officer (CISO)


By Integrating AI in Cybertools

Millions of Users.

Achieving a desirable safety level is not only depends on technologies but also it is involved users knowledge and willingness to make that happen in our future.

HiDTeK App

All the ordinary users can utilize this app to have safe conversations via social media platforms.

Fact/Fake Authenticator

Fake Or Fact News Content Authenticator.


An Intelligent authentication system which requires a dynamic combination for security the system. This features makes it secure against any types of shoulder surfing and video recording attacks.

// Revolutionary Projects

What Are Our Recent Inventions?

Below, you can find a brief introduction on three of our innovative projects that initiated on providing perfectly secure privacy-preserving services for ordinary users.


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