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Info on this patent:

  • Project name: HiDTeK Messenger
  • Category: Mini App in Social Media
  • Target Clients: All users can utilize this app to have safe conversations via social media platforms.
  • Complete date: October 2020
  • Filed CNIPA: April 2022 | 202210496814.3
  • Granted CNCopyright: May 2022 | 2022SR0568018

Short Summary:

A systematic methodology for providing perfectly secure end-to-end conversation via online messaging platforms (e.g., social media, email servers, and SMS) is presented in which a confidential message formed of secret bits is encrypted using a three-factor authentication scheme and converted to hidden Unicode symbols for transferring under cover of short messages. For generating a hidden string of confidential conversation, a cipher block is composed of three factors: (i) A unique password combination and a Bio-key (fingerprint token), which is set by two parties (A: Sender and B: Receiver), (ii) Sending time in the device A or receiving time in the device B side, and (iii) Sending date in the device A or receiving date in the device B; hence, an evolutionary algorithm is employed to generate a timestamp-based cipher block by combining these three factors such that the secret message bits are encrypted using a one-time-pad mechanism according to cipher block bits. Then, the encrypted bits are converted to a hidden string based on predetermined four Unicode zero-width symbols as well as it is embedded at the end of a short carrier message which is seemingly innocent. In this technology, a carrier message can be sent from device A to B via online messaging platforms in a way that a multilingual confidential conversation is completely covered by the carrier during transmission and can be deciphered at the receiver’s device using a user’s password combination + a biometric token which only two parties have them.

HiDTeK Messenger