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What is Simply a Man in the Middle (MITM) Cyberattack?

The MITM is one of the most serious cyber attempts that allows hackers to eavesdrop on the communication channel between two target parties. The attacker injects himself/herself in between two legitimately communicating hosts, providing a covert channel to “monitor” the conversations that normally must not gain access. The common scenario consists of Alice and Bob who are having a conversation via two digital gadgets via the Internet; Eve (adversary) intends to eavesdrop on the conversation but also keep her/himself transparent. Eve can claim to Alice that (s)he was Bob and on the other side, to Bob that (s)he was Alice. This process surely leads Alice to believe (s)he’s speaking to Bob, while technically revealing her part of the conversation to Eve. Eventually, Eve can collect information from this anonymous trap, modify the reply, and send the new message to Bob (who thinks he’s communicating to Alice). Thereby, Eve can covertly manipulate their conversation. In the following video, you can watch a real simulation of the MITM attack.